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An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada Re: Plight of Rohingya in Myanmar

Posted on: 09 September 2017

The Islamic Society of North America Canada (ISNA Canada) is deeply concerned about the plight of Rohingya in Myanmar, previously known as Burma.  We recognize that Canada has spoken on human rights situation in Myanmar. However, Canada has not done all it can do to persuade Myanmar to stop the persecution of Rohingya. We are making an urgent appeal to the Prime Minister of Canada for playing a leading and meaningful role in influencing the Myanmar authorities on stopping the brutal persecution of Rohingya people.  

Rohingya people have been described by the United Nations in 2013 as one of the most persecuted communities in the world. They are basically denied citizenship under the 1982 Burmese citizenship law, which restricts full citizenship to British Indian migrants who settled there after 1823. According to Human Rights Watch, the law "effectively denies to the Rohingya the possibility of acquiring a nationality. Despite being able to trace Rohingya history to the 8th century, Burmese law does not recognize the Rohingya ethnic minority as one of the national races". The Rohingya people are also restricted from freedom of movement, state education and civil service jobs. UN officials have described Myanmar's persecution of the Rohingya as ethnic cleansing by the Buddhist army and radical monks.

ISNA Canada urges the Prime Minister of Canada to rally the world leaders for bringing an immediate and meaningful outcome for protection of the human rights of the Rohingya.

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