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ISNA Canada Welcomes the Election of Justin Trudeau

Posted on: 19 October 2015

The Islamic Society of North America Canada (ISNA Canada) congratulates the Liberal party of Canada and it’s leader Justin Trudeau for their historical and well deserved victory in this significant 2015 election!

Our great nation is symbolic for its tradition of creating a beautiful mosaic of cultures, religions and people of all ethnic origins and backgrounds. This election saw a big turnout in numbers from all communities across Canada. It is testament to the passion that we all hold for putting emphasis on good leadership.

The Liberal party of Canada had the courage to take a stand for bringing prosperity to Canada, by aiming to restore long honoured Canadian values, and regain our respect and dignity among the countries and nations of the world. We are excited to see the emergence of visionary leadership of Justin Trudeau and what lies ahead!

On behalf of our community, the President of ISNA Canada, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed and Executive Director, Sheikh Abdalla Idris Ali we extend a warm welcome to the newly elected MP’s and wish them all the best in this new chapter in our country’s future.

ISNA Canada Welcomes the Election of Justin Trudeau
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