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Services for the sick

ISNA Canada has volunteers to visit Muslim patients for the local hospitals. We have prepared some suitable brochures including du`a (prayers) for the sick.

A few things to note:

·  At the time of admission, the clerk will ask you your name, address, health plan etc.  At the same time, the clerk is supposed to ask you about your faith.  Say that you are a Muslim.

This information will be used by the Spiritual Care Department of the hospital and a Muslim volunteer visitor can visit you. This will also help the hospital to contact mosque in case of any emergency if the immediate family is not available. This department helps you with your spiritual needs. 

All hospitals have Multifaith Meditation Rooms for the staff and families to use for prayers. Here, you will find prayer rugs and copies of Quran. Use the premises, keep it tidy and respect other faiths.

·  Many hospitals supply halal food. Ask for it. You can change your selection any time by asking your nurse. Kosher meals are also available. This is also permissible.

·  Ask for a Muslim volunteer visit

Please go through the following brochures attached here. Read or have them printed. (Select letter size or legal size paper).

  1. Coping with Sickness & Hospital life

  2. Are  you for Surgery

  3. Welcome New Baby

  4. Smile, The Best Medicine

  5. Palliative Care, Islamic Perspectives

  6. Handy Information for Hospital Staff

  7. Sabr - Patience

  8. Personal Kit for Patients going to hospital

  9. Book Review Coping with Sickness

  10. Attending the Dying

  11. Funeral Info for Guests