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Marriage Services

Marriage Certification procedures at the Islamic Center of Canada/ISNA

Mubarak (Congratulations), may Allah bless your marriage, Aameen.

Kindly follow the procedures and guidelines below: 

  1. Make bookings - both need to be co-ordinated:
  2. Purchase the marriage license from any city hall in Ontario (Please keep in mind that it expires, 3 months from the date of purchase).
  3. Please drop off the marriage license to us prior to the marriage date.
  4. Provide 2 pieces of photo I.D. (driver license, passport etc.).
  5. Ensure the Wali (Male guardian of the bride) is present at the marriage.
  6. Agree on witnesses (2 minimum , 1 from each side is recommended).
  7. Agree on a dowry before the wedding day; and inform the Imam, if you want it to be written in the Islamic contract, or written as agreed upon.
  8. Please keep in mind, this is a place of worship; so, dress modestly.
  9. Refrain from bringing any food and drinks in the Mussalla area (Prayer Hall).
  10. Refrain from enterring carpetted areas with shoes or soiled socks.
  11. Refrain from bringing/serving food/drink in Masjid or Lobby areas.  Note: Refreshments and banqueting service is available by special request only.

Availability & timing for marriage services:

  • Monday - Friday during school term (no bookings during school hours)
  • Friday and Saturday evenings (no bookings from Magrib onwards - due to regular halaqas)
  • Ramadan bookings restricted (no bookings during the last 10 days)

If there is any change to the time or date booked with the Imam, please make sure to Contact the office to RECONFIRM the booking.

Insha’a Allah your marriage certification experience shall be smooth – we look forward to serving you!