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ISNA Compass


Read our article in ISNA Lanterns to learn more about the program


You can find COMPASS at the ISNA Canada Center, look out for the glass doors opposite the ISNA High School reception.


Hours of operations

Part-time :Wednesday 6:00 PM to 9:00PM 

Visit to get help from our Supportive Counsellor.

Telephone: 905 403 8406 Extension: 266


Call for Volunteers!  

We are currently recruiting for more Supportive Counselors to assist clients with information and referrals. 

Find the full role description here --> Supportive Counselor

Email compass@isnacanada.com to apply.


Our Service lines for 2019:

1. Supporting Counselling at Compass: Looking for information or referrals to social services?

We can help you.  Visit Compass to speak with a Supportive Counsellor on Wednesdays between 6 PM and 9 PM.

 2.  Sisters's Circuit (18+)  Register to let us know you are joining us

3.  Sister's Circuit 'Teens (all teenagers welcome)  Register to save your spot!

4. Tax Season is here - once again we will be offering free tax services this year.