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IMPORTANT UPDATE: ISNA Canada's Ramadan website is annually updated! Click here or on the button above to find out more.
— During the months of Ramadan watch the taraweeh prayers being livestreamed on our Facebook page, click here


 Welcome to ISNA - Canada's website!  Official Notices listed below (click on item to view):

27th May 2018:               Desecration of a Quran by Military Cadets Repulsive

30th April 2018:              Position on Prayer Timings and Lunar Hijri Calendar

27th April 2018:              Ramadan 1438 AH/2018 Announcement

23rd April 2018:              Statement on Toronto Van Attack

January 2018:                 Remembering the Quebec Mosque Shooting

January 2018:                 Election Results

December 2017:              Update: Nominations

September 2017:             Call for Nominations - 2017 ISNA - Canada Elections

21st July, 2017:               Clarification on Media Reports re: ISNA Islamic Services of Canada (IISC) and Jami Mosque (read more...)

 21st February, 2017:       ISNA - Canada at the Parliamentary Committee, Public Safety & National Security (read more...) 

20th January, 2016:          ISNA - Canada Denounces all forms of violence, injustice, (read more...)

18th December 2015:       ISNA - Canada Disclaimer Notice re: Islamic Horizon Issue on Canada

8th December 2015:           ISNA - Canada Presidents's report to the community

15th November 2015:         ISNA - Canada Press Release re: Terrorist attacks in Paris (read more...)

19th October 2015:             ISNA - Canada welcomes the Election of Justin Trudeau 

30th September 2015:         ISNA - Canada encourages all Muslims to vote 

11th September 2015:         Urgent Communication for the community - ICC Imam

20th March 2015:               ISNA - Canada President's report to the community

19th March 2015:               Urgent Notice - ISNA Housing Co-operative 

20th January 2015:            ISNA - Canada Majlis Communique

31st December 2014:         ISNA - Canada 2014 Election results (read more...)  

23rd October 2014:            ISNA - Canada Press Release re: Montreal and Ottawa events (read more...) 


Want to donate qurbani meat?  ISNA Canada accepts qurbani meat donations for our Food Bank. Please prepackage in 5 pound bags and drop off at one of the freezers at the entrance of the mosque. Note: We do not accept head or feet parts! JazakAllah Khair and May Allah SWT accept your contributions!









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