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Welcome to ISNA - Canada's website!  Official Notices listed below (click on item to view):

27th May 2018:               Desecration of a Quran by Military Cadets Repulsive

30th April 2018:              Position on Prayer Timings and Lunar Hijri Calendar

27th April 2018:              Ramadan 1438 AH/2018 Announcement

23rd April 2018:              Statement on Toronto Van Attack

January 2018:                 Remembering the Quebec Mosque Shooting

January 2018:                 Election Results

December 2017:              Update: Nominations

September 2017:             Call for Nominations - 2017 ISNA - Canada Elections

21st July, 2017:               Clarification on Media Reports re: ISNA Islamic Services of Canada (IISC) and Jami Mosque (read more...)

 21st February, 2017:       ISNA - Canada at the Parliamentary Committee, Public Safety & National Security (read more...) 

20th January, 2016:          ISNA - Canada Denounces all forms of violence, injustice, (read more...)

18th December 2015:       ISNA - Canada Disclaimer Notice re: Islamic Horizon Issue on Canada

8th December 2015:           ISNA - Canada Presidents's report to the community

15th November 2015:         ISNA - Canada Press Release re: Terrorist attacks in Paris (read more...)

19th October 2015:             ISNA - Canada welcomes the Election of Justin Trudeau 

30th September 2015:         ISNA - Canada encourages all Muslims to vote 

11th September 2015:         Urgent Communication for the community - ICC Imam

20th March 2015:               ISNA - Canada President's report to the community

19th March 2015:               Urgent Notice - ISNA Housing Co-operative 

20th January 2015:            ISNA - Canada Majlis Communique

31st December 2014:         ISNA - Canada 2014 Election results (read more...)  

23rd October 2014:            ISNA - Canada Press Release re: Montreal and Ottawa events (read more...) 



IMPORTANT UPDATE: ISNA Canada's Ramadan website is annually updated! Click here or on the button above to find out more.
— During the months of Ramadan watch the taraweeh prayers being livestreamed on our Facebook page, click here



Preparations for Dul Hijjah? Want to donate qurbani meat?  ISNA Canada accepts qurbani meat donations for our Food Bank. Please prepackage in 5 pound bags and drop off at one of the freezers at the entrance of the mosque. Note: We do not accept head or feet parts! JazakAllah Khair and May Allah SWT accept your contributions!

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